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Responsive and appropriate onsite and off-shore staffing
Suha has a project organization that is both responsive to your needs, and able to leverage the reduced cost of offshore resources. Suha also delineates what your responsibilities will be so that you can plan and schedule your staffing appropriately.
One or more Suha liaison managers will meet onsite with you throughout the engagement. The liaison manager(s) will co-ordinate gathering of user requirements, software delivery, and infrastructure logistics. The liaison manager will also ensure high quality at point of delivery, and serve as the escalation vehicle between Suha and customer.

Flexible scheduling of offshore resources
The project resources working at Suha’s offshore location work on a shift basis – customer may select which shifts to engage. On a case-by-case basis, you may choose to have Suha provide offshore resources that work:

  • Simultaneously with you (so that communications are real-time and continuous).
  • On the opposite shift (so the client can see the results of an afternoon request the following morning).
  • Continuously (to minimize the elapsed time for the project).

Quality to meet your needs
Suha is dedicated to delivering fully tested, defect free software. Quality checks are performed on every deliverable, regardless of whether the deliverable is a software requirements specification or a program delivered for deployment at your site. These checks range from quick inspections to applications of rigorous QA methodologies
Suha recognizes that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to quality cannot optimally address all situations and needs. As such, Suha can offer quality in degrees. For example, you could ask Suha to provide minimal quality levels for a “quick and dirty” prototype or a non-critical one-time conversion routine. At the other extreme, you could ask Suha to use the ‘Perfect Application’ model if you require software that has a long life and will be used extensively.

Virtual Development Methodology
Over the years, Suha has been enhancing its project staffing model and virtual development methodology to ensure that the customer and Suha are on the same page and can effectively work together while retaining the cost benefit of offshore development. The methodology includes a full software development lifecycle, appropriate client involvement and Suha on-site representation at all critical junctures. This is bolstered by well-defined onsite / offshore roles and efficient processes to ensure proper communication, coordination and control.

Closed loop processes with supporting performance metrics
Suha employs “closed-loop” processes supported by performance metrics to allow you to exercise control over software development. Metrics are collected and reviewed at every critical stage of the project. Defect reports categorized by business impact are used to track and fix defects to provide for effective utilization of resources.

Virtual Development Center
Suha deploys a Virtual Development Center for each engagement that functions as an extension of the onsite team. Project managers and team leaders can review reports as appropriate to determine quantity of hours delivered, percentage of deliverables met, defect rates, time spent on defect fixes, new development and various other attributes; these are customizable upon your request. Suha can adapt the Virtual Development Center to meet your needs, so that you can continue to use the metrics, benchmarks and oversight that you are most comfortable with.

Communication Management
Suha uses state of the art technology to facilitate onsite <=> offshore communications. Technologies such as instant messaging, teleconferencing, and application sharing are used to provide efficient communications.

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