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Implementation and Rollout of ERP
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Implementation and Rollout of ERP

The client had built and designed a best of breed ERP and CRM application that needed to be implemented as soon as possible internally. A number of firms refused to take responsibility to convert and test the converted data, when the client contacted us to take up the seemingly impossible task of converting data from various sources into the single new application.

A rollout plan was prepared and responsibilities to various groups and individuals assigned. Using the project plan as the basis, steps to map data elements, identify processing logic required to transform data. By interacting with various groups who had a stake in the success of the project, the implementation team was able to successfully convert and deploy the application for user testing.

Processing to clean the customer data using tools such as Group1, D&B batch processing and manual cleaning were put in place. The whole cycle from extracting data from the legacy to load data into the single ERP database was automated using shell scripts, C programs and other tools. Processing speed was of significant importance here as the volume of data being converted exceeded over 4 million records.

Logic and processes to accept better quality of product data from sources such as EDI catalogs, CNET and manual cleaning were put in place and wherever automation was possible implemented.

Transactional data such as orders, returns and payments were converted and kept in sync with the ongoing legacy system by means of one time conversion and an ongoing conversion of data on a daily, automated basis.

Overall, based on the impressive performance and results we had with handling the volume and bringing about consistency with the data, the client awarded other software development projects to Suha..

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