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User Maintenance System

The client had various applications and modules within these applications that needed to have regulated access. Maintaining the access to these users in each application was becoming difficult. This was also affecting the single user id/password capability that the client wanted to implement across all applications. It was decided that a single user maintenance application that would be accessed by application administrators would solve the problem.

The solution that was provided to the client had the following features:
Single User ID: Maintains a single list of users that is provided to the various applications/modules that authenticate.
Manage multiple application users: Allows the administrators manage users to applications such as order entry, CRM, Product manager and other applications.
Manage roles and groups: Allows administrators to manage roles and groups within applications and also assign users to these roles and groups.
Manage application parameters: Allows the admin users in applications such as sales reporting to set targets, commissions and other parameters on a periodic basis.
Ease of use: The application is easy to use, intuitive and helpful.

Technologies used: Jakarta-Tomcat , Oracle, Java technology components such as JDBC, JSP and Servlets.

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