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Sales Quote Application

The existing order entry system did not have the capability to produce and manage quotes. In order to provide the ability to generate quotes and keep track of them an application was requested. The proposal was to modify the existing system to provide a quote entry capability and provide a text data stream to the quote generation application. The quote generation and maintenance system accepts a text stream of data and using virtual printers on Unix, transfers the data from the source legacy system to the application. The application has the ability to produce quotes in different formats such as pdf, text, ps2 and other formats. It has the ability to send the generated quote to diverse destinations such as printers, fax, and e-mail. The application stores the text data stream in a database in queryable format along with an image of the generated quote in pdf format. The users have the following capabilities

Generate Quote: The application allows the user to specify the type of output and type of destination. Based on the chosen format type and destination the application will generate and store the data for later use.
Search: The application allows users to search for quotes by using various criteria such as name, address, product category, phone number and such fields. API capability: The application allows other web applications to get quote related data by using APIs in the form of URLs.
View Quotes: The application allows users to query specific quotes and view them in a pdf format.

Technology used: Optio a third party document management tool that allows easy generation and sending of quotes, Java components such as Servlets, JSP & JDBC, Oracle as the repository for quotes.The application is deployed on a Sun Solaris platform with Optio, Tomcat, Java and Oracle on different boxes.

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