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Application Designer:
Reusability and integration, these are the two driving forces for this product. When provided with the vision, detailed systems requirement specifications, proposed architecture, and immediate objective, the product comes up with a detailed blue print of the various components that are required for the application. It provides with detailed plumbing and plug points where an application needs to interface; the various sub systems that utilize the resources most efficiently; a partition plan that allows the engineering process to go on in parallel as much as possible; a partitioning of the application into logical and physical sub systems, that can be then used to build and deploy the application. This product delivers three sets of documents - A logical design that partitions the application into functional sub systems, identifies the various integration points, identifies reusable components, lists out the make or buy decisions, Sequence diagrams that depict the flow of events and data in the system, data sufficiency and requirements. The second document is a physical design document that is the detailed specification of how the application will be engineered, what will be the physical constituents of each sub system, the packaging of the various modules, physical data repository structures, indexing needs, space needs, and deployment characteristics. The third document details the quality tests that have been made on the design to ensure functional accuracy, speed, reliability, operational requirements, scalability and finally the detailed test plans that will need to be executed when the application has been built.

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