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Application Manager:
This product is ideal where you need a solid project management process. This product provides you with an individual or individuals who understand the various issues in managing a software project successfully. These individuals would be well versed in the art of balancing between the processes Vs non processes, high quality Vs acceptable quality, deadlines and resource utilization, analysis required Vs paralysis from analysis, perfect design Vs acceptable design, navigating other project issues and troubled waters. This product delivers to you project plans that are tracked, status reports, red flags when one is seen coming up in the horizon, issues that need to be addressed, and an ability to get a handle on where the project is at a given point in time. What are the costs incurred and to be incurred? The manager is the most ideal where you need answers for various aspects of a software project - be it cost, resources, tasks, deadlines, and or overall project summary.

Contact: info@suha.com