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Project Estimator:
There is either a problem or opportunity that has been recognized. A solution has also been conceptualized, but you are not comfortable with the estimates that have been made to implement the solution. What this offers is a very good second opinion; This product delivers a document that can be used to arrive at pretty close numbers for the effort, resources, cost, and time. The estimates are arrived at by using scientific methods such as function points analysis; using productivity rates, technology complexities, architecture and quality issues. These estimates are then reviewed by an expert group to add their experience to the estimates and make adjustments. This product is available in different flavors depending on the need that you have at this point in time. You can request for a ball park number that will be arrived at based on an initial study and very high level numbers and at the other extreme you could ask for very detailed estimation that would provide you with measurements by the hour.

Contact: info@suha.com