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Application Req Builder:
You have conceptualized the project, you are sure that this is the solution that will bring tremendous benefits to your organization. Now you need somebody who can translate your vision into a set of specifications that can be used by designers, QA personnel, architects. You need the liason between the users and your technical team. This is the perfect glue. The product delivers three sets of documents and maintain them during the project execution. The functional specifications which starts from your vision and translates that from the user requirements to a set of acceptable functional needs. This document is presented in the form of a prototype accompanied by a document or a document that details all aspects from a functional perspective as the users see it. Then there are the system requirements specifications which starts with your vision, uses the functional specs and translates that into a language that is understood by your technical staff. This document would consist of the actual flow in the system of various events, actions to be taken, how the data flows from one process to another, each of these represented as use case scenarios. It also consists of data dictionaries that can be used to build the data repository, high level object diagrams, Entity Relationship diagrams, and system requirements. The third document is the acceptance document; this document outlines when is the system acceptable, what are the various functional aspects that are critical to the success of the system, the system performance in terms of speed, scalability, and reliability, it also outlines the operational acceptance criteria for the application. These are derived based on the vision that was set out, financial implications of the requirements and the criticality of the information requested to achieve the immediate objective and goal of the system.

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