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Application Engineer:
This product is the most easiest to use. This offers the complete suite of products bundled as one product. We take responsibility for the complete engineering of the solution. As soon as you conceptualize a project, confirm the feasibility of executing the project, you would buy this product. What this product delivers is the end to the end of software engineering. The product takes the solution through the complete life cycle of software engineering. We study the system, propose architectures that will co-exist with your current enterprise architecture, design the system in an easily maintainable manner, build it, test it, convert data from existing data sources or external data sources, deploy the application, and of course manage the whole process to ensure the success of the project. This product delivers the following for a given project - processes for the complete software engineering tailored to your needs, the functional requirements, the system requirements, the acceptance criteria, the application design, the application architecture, the test cases to be used for testing, the software, user manuals, application operation manuals, system reference manuals, conversion mapping documents, conversion software, and deployment documents, weekly and monthly status reports, tracking reports.

Contact: info@suha.com